February’s Team Luncheon

February’s Team Luncheon

Last month’s Team Luncheon served as a key event in our monthly calendar, providing an opportunity for team members to come together and discuss important areas of focus. While there may be recurring themes from previous gatherings, each luncheon aims to deliver a distinct message. This ensures that our team meetings are not just routine check-ins, but meaningful sessions where valuable insights are shared and actions are taken.

Celebrating February Birthdays and Anniversaries

Work anniversaries are significant milestones that acknowledge and celebrate an individual’s dedication and contributions to an organization. Lawton Anderson has marked an impressive 7-year journey with Fuse this month, showcasing commitment and valuable input. Special thanks to Lawton for the lasting impact on Fuse.

John Lloyd has also reached a notable 3-year mark at Fuse, demonstrating continuous growth and support within the team. Furthermore, Michael Hassey has successfully completed his first year with Fuse, highlighting a promising start and valuable contributions.

Each of these individuals deserves recognition for their dedication and hard work, as they have played a vital role in the success and growth of Fuse. Congratulations to Lawton, John, and Michael, we appreciate all that you have brought to the team!

Birthdays are special occasions at Fuse, where every individual is honored and celebrated for their special day. This month, we extend our warmest wishes to Tim Davis, Diane Duke, JD Lloyd, Kati Marshall, and Brittany Miller. Happy Birthday to all!

Well-Planned Production Schedule and Workflow

The production schedule is subject to changes, particularly during off-peak seasons when hours are more conservative. However, the first two months of this year have been exceptionally busy, with a record-breaking number of jobs and new customers brought in. This success reflects positively on the Sales Team for their outstanding performance. It is crucial to monitor and adjust the production schedule accordingly to meet the demands and ensure efficient workflow management during these peak periods.

Upcoming Safety Training

Join us on March 1 for a comprehensive First Aid and CPR training session conducted by Safety Solution and Supplies. This upcoming safety training will equip participants with life-saving skills and knowledge essential in emergency situations. Mark your calendars to ensure you don’t miss this valuable opportunity to enhance your safety preparedness.

Inspiring and Motivating Your Crew towards Excellence

In the high seas of leadership, it’s not just about steering the ship; it’s about grabbing the wheel and showing your team how it’s done. This month our managers recognized two individuals for their stellar leadership skills and gave them the chance to spin the  wheel, The “Will” of Fuse – a thrilling opportunity to be recognized amongst the team and even snag a prize along the way.

These leaders are not just captains within our team; they are trailblazers setting an example for others to follow. So, let’s raise our anchor and salute these exemplary leaders who navigate through challenges with finesse and chart a course towards success! Thank you Brandon Zarnstorff and Thomas Atkins for a job well done!

The Art of Leading Through Actions, Not Words

In this team-building exercise, the leaders must channel their inner mime artist to convey the mysterious object without uttering a single word. It’s like a silent movie, but with strings and imaginary objects!

Imagine the creativity flowing as teams try to decipher their leader’s non-verbal cues to recreate the elusive object using only a long string. It’s like playing charades, but with a twist – or should I say, a string!

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