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At FUSE Fab, we use an integrated system thinking approach to help meet our clients’ complex industrial product needs. We’ve worked with clients on press brakes and other high configuration products. We offer valuable and reliable products and deliver with speed at reasonable prices.

Devoted to your needs

Our service model is designed to work as an augmentation of your business. Our success is aligned with the success of your projects. Before we put on the gloves and roll up our sleeves, we’ll listen to your needs and dive into extensive research.

FUSE Fab is setting new service standards, delivery, and quality, focusing on small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers. We work in turnkey assembling of both low-volume and high-volume high-complexity products for applications in diverse industries, from agriculture to oil and gas explorations, mining, and other industries.

Quality is the language we speak.

FUSE Fabrication takes every measure, fixating on smaller details, so you don’t need to. Our processes entail robust quality control, material management support, and consistent improvement, so nothing will escape our notice. The best industry standards guide the build of our products for confidence-inspiring safety and performance.

We build strong relationships.

At Fuse Fab, machines and parts are not the only things we build. We build lasting relationships with our customers. Our organization started with strong relationships between people. So it’s our philosophy never to treat our customer interactions as one-time transactions; we support you every step of the way.

The customer in the driver’s seat

We highly embrace proactive and responsive communication – when you need us, we will be there for you. This implies that we recognize receipt of communication within minutes, answer within the hour, resolve the issue by the end of the day, and are consistently glad to address your inquiries.

Agile to your needs

We don’t offer templated-solutions because all our clients have unique challenges, goals, and needs. We treat every order with the customization it merits. We endeavor to comprehend your business and objectives’ specificities, and we configure products and machinery based on these specificities. The best part is that our product development life cycles are adaptable to your changing needs.

We are big thinkers

We’ll effectively explore novel ideas and approaches to tackle issues and improve your product. In addition to the fact that we are quick and proactive in solving problems as they emerge, we implement the right measures to guarantee a smooth sailing production strategy.

Our Solutions

FUSE Fab has practical experience in transferred EMS techniques and turnkey strategies. We focus on a high-mix of low, medium, and high-volume production. We readily embrace the complexities and challenges that come with each new production or client requirements. We have the right infrastructure and systems to create the best-optimized solution for the sheet metal processing industry.

Working with our press brake machines can help supercharge your clamping, tooling, and crowing productivity. Because of the strong materials, the incredibly high precision, and cutting-edge designs, you get to minimize errors and maximize the speed and quality of output with FUSE Fab press brakes. And with the choice between the 174 T and 400 T, you can choose a press brake that precisely delivers what you need.

These product offerings have been created to address the issues of a broad scope of manufacturing applications. Our press brakes blend wide-ranging capabilities with a super quick set-up time and seamless operationality.

Custom Design Press Bake 174 T

A crowned bed makes up for unavoidable bed and ram diversion under load, and the overall design supports general-purpose work. The long ram guidance is executed with non-metallic scoffs, providing highly accurate ram guidance, minimal clearance, and maximal durability.

The hydraulic system located on the upper side is easy to understand. The system allows the Y1 and Y2 axes to work as two autonomous pressure driven frameworks. Power flow to each of the axis is independently controlled by computer command.

The machine reads position from the linear encoders while checking and changing proportional valves, creating a twofold closed-loop system. Two autonomous direct encoders are mounted with a separate C frame to the table, so the side deflection and machine load don’t impact the ram position’s precision (0.01mm).

This press brake has been developed for applications involving tools with limited work height. This product is suitable for bending where less extreme requirements are set. The intelligent ram guidance guarantees consistent and perfect bending results.

Custom Design Press Bake 400T

The frame is a robust bolted and stress-relieved construction machined on five-star CNC long bed processing parts. The table projection is below floor level. This leads to an ergonomic and agreeable table height above floor level.

Pressure driven Press Brake 400T takes sheet metalworking to another level, offering extraordinary effectiveness and exactness. With a body of welded and machined steel and an exterior design featuring stripped-down lines for a strong appearance, this new hydraulic press brake can be a game-changer in your sheet metalwork operations.

Designed with high-precision CNC control, the bending machine’s operationality is more straightforward and intuitive than any other type. Its high-definition LCD interface and a powerful processor make it easy to manage complex bending tasks in mere seconds.

Our 174 and 400 T brakes are designed for:

  • Center loading when any amount of brakes weight is required
  • Off-center loading when any amount of brakes weight is required
  • Full length bends where full weight over the bed is required for accurate bends.
  • Punching applications in a single location or at different areas over the bed – each brake has an offset valve to minimize the hydraulic system’s shock.
  • Fast ram speeds for short piece work -this is done rapidly, effectively, and accurately.
  • Our press brakes have a high-quality finish for a very long life span.

Any facility can profit from these industrial brakes’ reliability, high accuracy, and low maintenance needs. At FUSE Fab, we leave nothing to chance.
Every part of the machine has been carefully designed to meet the specific needs of bending various sheet parts of varying materials and sizes.

Whatever you need, we deliver with confidence.
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