January 2024 Team Luncheon

Fuse Monthly Team Luncheon : Food for thought, and for the belly!

The Power of a Monthly Team Luncheon

At Fuse Fabrication, we believe in giving special attention to our employees and fostering a strong sense of teamwork. One way we demonstrate this is by pausing our work day at the end of each month to come together as a team and share a meal. This gathering serves as an opportunity for us to discuss important topics, such as upcoming jobs, improvements to work production, and what the company is doing overall.

Birthdays and Anniversaries Celebration & Team Building

During these team meetings, we also prioritize team building activities that help strengthen relationships among colleagues. These activities not only promote effective communication but also encourage collaboration and camaraderie within the workplace. This month we celebrated three birthdays – Steve, Hector, and Connor. We all wish you a happy birthday!

Fuse Employee Recognition: Spin the Wheel of Fuse to Highlight Outstanding Employee Performance

At Fuse, we understand the importance of recognizing employees who excel in their roles. We take time during these monthly gatherings to acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance or have gone above and beyond their duties. This recognition serves as a motivation for others while fostering a positive work environment.

In January, the highlight for the spin the wheel activity was centered around the theme of communication. It recognized the importance of effective communication as a foundation for success within the organization. Two individuals, Brett in the Laser Department and Nick on the Field Team, were acknowledged for their outstanding roles in communication this month.

As a reward for their contributions, both Brett and Nick were given the opportunity to spin the wheel. This exciting activity allows employees to win various prizes or incentives as a way to recognize and appreciate their hard work.

By highlighting communication as a key aspect of success, this initiative aims to encourage and motivate employees to continue prioritizing effective communication skills in their daily work.

Heavenly Delights of Manna International Street Food: Food from Heaven!

We are all about supporting local businesses and bringing the best of Mulberry to our community. This month, we were thrilled to have Manna International Street Food cater our lunch!

Manna International Street Food is a hidden gem that offers African Fusion street food made with love. Their mouth-watering dishes are like food from heaven, packed with unique flavors and authentic ingredients. From savory samosas to flavorful wraps, they have something for everyone.

We highly recommend checking out Manna International Street Food. You can find them at www.mannaisf.com and experience their delicious creations for yourself.

Closing Thoughts: The Power of Regular Team Gatherings to Strengthen Company Culture at Fuse

These gatherings allow us to come together, share ideas, and celebrate our achievements. It’s an opportunity for us to empower each individual with the tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally.

We look forward to continuing these monthly gatherings as we have done for years now, striving to cultivate a unique Fuse Culture that not only boost morale but also create a sense of camaraderie among our team members because we more than team members, we are a family.

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