Made in America – A Hard Truth

MADE IN AMERICA!! It no longer carries the charm this phrase once held. Looking around your home and business how many items are made in America anymore?


In the post-Covid era, the landscape of manufacturing in America has undergone significant changes and is currently still in the process of it. While consumer products often dominate discussions, it is crucial to recognize the pivotal role played by the industrial manufacturing realm, enabling giants like Amazon and Walmart to function seamlessly. What exactly makes their operations possible? The answer lies in the reliable and efficient services provided by the industrial manufacturers in America. This dying breed of blue-collar worker needs to be replenished while there is a generation to teach these dire skills.


Industrial Manufacturing encompasses ‘ machinists, welders, millwrights, iron workers, fabricators, pipe fitters, electricians, heavy equipment operators, and many more skilled trade professionals that are a dying breed in America. Traditionally these trade skills along with hard work ethic and integrity were passed from father to son. Industrial manufacturing companies’ treasure their skilled workers knowing that America’s industrial future seems bleak with the work force that is currently being turned out.


These industrial manufacturers form the backbone of industrial services, supplying essential components that keep production lines running smoothly. From machinery parts to specialized components, they ensure that factories have access to high-quality and locally made products. This not only reduces dependence on overseas suppliers but also strengthens our domestic supply chains.


The impact of Covid-19 has underlined the importance of having robust manufacturing capabilities within our own borders here in America and hopefully has awakened our citizens to the shortcomings of our current infrastructure. As disruptions in global supply chains occurred during the pandemic, American parts manufacturers stepped up to fill critical gaps and maintain a steady flow of supplies for industries across various sectors.


This disruption laid heavy on the shoulders of the blue-collar work force of America which the media outlets called “essential workers” during the pandemic. The alleged threat of the pandemic never made the front-line essential workers faulter because they knew no one else was there to get the job done. To all of you who persevered through the unseen trenches of the pandemic, we thank you!


In addition, supporting local parts manufacturers contributes to job creation and economic growth within our communities. By investing in American-made industrial services, we can foster resilience and sustainability in our manufacturing sector while promoting self-reliance. This in return fuels the consumer market to become steadier and grow as time goes on. At the end of the day, who is coming to save America when a time of peril comes around? The Good Lord would be the only one we can count on for that. So, in the meantime, we must become more resilient and self-reliant as a nation, encouraging all businesses to do the same. By America, For America, Buy American.

As we navigate through this post-Covid era, the heart and soul of manufacturing lies within America’s industrial realm. Parts manufacturers and structural fabricators play a vital role in ensuring that operations run smoothly for consumer giants of the world. By recognizing the industrial manufacturers’ contributions and supporting locally made products, we can all do our part to secure a prosperous future for America and our families.


So, we are challenging you and your business to buy American made products. Let’s change the market and start investing more in our own countrymen and American Made businessesBy America, For America, Buy American!


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