Fuse Fabrication's
Safety Statement

We offer: Low to high volume fabrication, machining, and welding.

Our Safety Statement


The Management of Fuse Fabrication is committed to improve the working environment for our employees. The most valuable asset in our company are our employees, making safety our highest priority. Our goal is to operate without significant incidents. We will all "walk the talk" by obeying the values and basics. All employees are expected to make these values and basics as a way of living and working.

Our Values

  • I am responsible for my own safety.
  • I will help and encourage others to work safe.
  • I operate safe or not at all.
  • I will stop work when it is possibly unsafe.
  • I accept feedback about my safety behavior.

Our Basics

  • Be fit and focused and wear P.P.E when required.
  • Use the right tools which are inspected and confirmed to be in safe working order.
  • A safe workplace is a tidy work place.
  • Report all incidents including near misses.

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