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Fuse Fabrication & Machine: Celebrating 14 Years of Success

A Milestone Achievement for Fuse Fabrication Fuse Fabrication recently celebrated its March Team Luncheon with great enthusiasm and camaraderie. With 14 years of dedicated service in metal fabrication, the team came together around the table not only to commemorate another successful year in operation but also to raise a toast to birthdays, work anniversaries, and […]

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February’s Team Luncheon

February’s Team Luncheon Last month’s Team Luncheon served as a key event in our monthly calendar, providing an opportunity for team members to come together and discuss important areas of focus. While there may be recurring themes from previous gatherings, each luncheon aims to deliver a distinct message. This ensures that our team meetings are […]

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Industrial Safety Gates : Protecting Heights, Elevating Safety

Protecting Heights, Elevating Safety Industrial safety gates for stairwells and catwalks are essential for ensuring fall protection and employee safety in industrial settings. These gates provide a physical barrier to prevent falls from elevated areas, such as staircases and walkways. At Fuse, we manufacture safety gates made in the USA that meet stringent safety standards […]

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  • February 27, 2024
  • Design

January 2024 Team Luncheon

Fuse Monthly Team Luncheon : Food for thought, and for the belly! The Power of a Monthly Team Luncheon At Fuse Fabrication, we believe in giving special attention to our employees and fostering a strong sense of teamwork. One way we demonstrate this is by pausing our work day at the end of each month […]

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Hello 2024! Fuse Fabrication is ready for you!

Fuse Fabrication 2024

At Fuse Fabrication we are diving headfirst into 2024, it’s time to buckle up and get back into the swing of things. School is back in session, and everyone is settling back into their work routines. At Fuse, we wasted no time in hitting the ground running – both in the shop and out in […]

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Made in America – A Hard Truth

MADE IN AMERICA!! It no longer carries the charm this phrase once held. Looking around your home and business how many items are made in America anymore?   In the post-Covid era, the landscape of manufacturing in America has undergone significant changes and is currently still in the process of it. While consumer products often […]

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