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Workable Alloy’s: Aluminum, Stainless, Mild Steel, along with other Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials and Composites.

Fuse Fabrication offers various welding solutions to any challenging applications. We make sure all of our employees are certified with experience to help you with any welding projects. We only use the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get the highest quality products possible. We are ready to assist you with any questions regarding to any custom welding projects. 

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    We offer: Low to high volume fabrication, machining, and welding.

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    Welding  Qualifications & Capabilities
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    Fuse Fabrication has a wide range of quality expertise, one of which is Welding. Many of our customers come to us for quality welding for any of their commercial welding or residential welding needs. Our quality speaks for itself and we give our customers prompt service at a fair price.

    We ensure that all of our employees are certified and highly qualified to accommodate any line of fabrication and welding.

    Welding Capabilities & Qualifications

    • GTAW
    • Sanitary/Purge
    • GMAW
    • High Frequency
    • Spray Arc
    • SMAW
    • Short Circuit Transfer


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  • 3@ Miller/Millermatic 252
  • Miller/Millermatic Syncrowave 250 DX
  • Miller/Millermatic 251
  • Miller/Millermatic 350P
    •   Miller/Millermatic 250
  • Miller/330 ST Aircrafter
  • Lincoln/Square Wave Tig 255
  • Thermal Arc/Raider 10000 Pro Portable Gas Welder
  • Miller/Maxstar 150 STL Portable

  • Our Equipment

    We our fully equipped with the latest on the market equipment and techniques to make sure our customers expectations are delivered. Our certified welders deliver high quality products and service to meet your specifications.

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